About Us

Do you want:

  • more traffic ?
  • more subscribers ?
  • a constantly growing community ?
  • high customer engagement ?
  • a profit-generating website ?

We have solutions you need to succeed!

Kainex provides a wide range of Information Technology services dedicated for business productivity. Our goal is to help companies with their businesses in response to various customer needs.

Kainex was founded in 2015 and headquartered in Plewiska (suburbs of Poznań) Poland. From the beginning our motivation was clear: we are eager to build and provide highest quality, dedicated IT systems oriented on intensively growing Internet market. We deliver growing range of products and services to small and medium-sized businesses across the Globe.

We do not want to waste your time, so this is basically what we do easily:

  • We create dedicated WordPress plugins and themes (over 74.6 milion sites depend on WordPress)
  • We build complete websites based on WordPress (from the design to final deployment on your server)
  • We provide high quality chat software to your WordPress website (check out Wise Chat Pro)
  • We build custom web applications for accountancy and CRM systems
  • We fix and restore WordPress website after hacker attacks (many websites suffers from being attacked by some malicious scripts)

Contact us! We believe we can help you!

Kainex in Poznań (Poland)
Poznań – a beautiful place we live in!