Cookies Policy

Kainex, registered in Poland (Europe), is the owner and the only administrator of the site Having in mind the right to privacy of our visitors and customers we prepared this document which describes our (Kainex company) attitude to usage of cookie files on our site. site uses cookie files to improve the convenience of the site and to support purchase process in our online shop. By visiting the site visitors give consent to save and use cookie files. At any moment visitors can manage their cookie setting in their web browser or any other software used to display the site. Full or partial limitation of cookies storing may affect some functionalities delivered by the site.

1. What is a cookie file?

Cookie file (also known as: cookies) is a small text file saved by the site to a computer, smartphone or other device used by the visitor to display the site. It contains information that allows to recognize the visitor while displaying another page of the site or visiting the site next time. It’s purpose is to support purchase process in the online shop and to collect statistics data.

There are two types of cookie files: session cookie and persistent cookie. Persistent cookies remain on hard drive for a certain amount of time. Session cookies are deleted after web browser’s window is closed. Cookie file itself is unable to do any harm to visitors and its size is very small.

All current web browsers in their default configuration permit cookie files on all websites. They also allow to delete cookie files selectively or entirely in any moment.

2. What cookie files are used for?

Cookie files aim is to facilitate the usage of our website by remembering preferences of visitors while browsing the site and during next visits. Cookies play a significant role in the purchase process in our online shop, but no order details are saved in them.

Our website saves cookie files of Google LLC company. Their purpose is to collect statistical data of the usage and its visitors. The data is used to improve the appearance and to speed up the site.

3. What information is not saved in cookie files?

Neither personal nor private data is stored in cookie files created by site, especially:

  • personal data including any kind of identification numbers
  • logins or passwords
  • credit or debit card numbers
  • social security numbers
  • medical data
  • tax and fiscal information
  • order data
4. Who makes use of information stored in cookie files?

Only Kainex company makes use of the information saved in cookie files. An exception to this are cookie files owned and managed by Google LLC company. The statistical data generated on the basis of these cookie files are shared with Kainex company only.

5. Does the site stores cookie files of other entities?

Yes, these are cookie files owned by Google LLC.

6. How to disable cookie files?

Check the documentation of your web browser.

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