Wise Chat Live 1.2

Wise Chat Live is an innovative easy-to-use customer service widget to provide live chatting experience on your site. No matter if you need it for e-commerce, education, IT assistance or financial purposes it will enable you lead a successful live conversation with your customer.
You pay only once and you receive numerous adaptive features that will make your business and community beneficial, effective… and growing faster
Move your visitor’s interest into real time live conversation. It’s a perfect tool to push your website traffic into loyal customers and regular visitors. Thanks to advanced customization you can fully adapt it to your brand and your business goals.

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Here’s a list of unique features that Wise Chat Live is equipped with:

  • One time payment (no subscription)
  • Advanced customization
  • Unlimited users and operators/agents
  • Easy management of all incoming chats in one operator’s window
  • Classic chat widget available to accompany your live chatting tool on your site
  • No app required, no additional servers
  • Supports all mobile and desktop devices: you can comfortably run live chat on any browser
  • Voice messaging

Wise Chat Live


  • Bad words filtering
  • Detailes appearance/color setting
  • Set opening hours of the live chat and set up an inactivity notifications for your visitors
  • Avatars: Enhance appearance of the chat by displaying avatars of your users.
  • Edit posted messages: Users and operators can correct their messages
  • Messages reactions: “love” “like” “sad” reactions available to set up
  • Multisite support: Wise Chat Pro can operate in WordPress multisite environment.
  • Hooks: Add your own code to the main points of the chat’s logic.

Pictures / files / links posting

With just one click you can add a picture or any file to your chat window

Mobile device friendly

Adapts its size to any browser you use and responses to various screens

Voice messaging

You can easily send and receive voice messages if you only want to shorten or revive your conversation

Easy management of all incoming chats in one window

NO additional server required

Wise Chat Live runs in your WordPress site. There is no need to maintain chat server.

Single Sign On

You can use your WordPress, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

Easy Localization

Translate Wise Chat Live to your language.


Automate your chat: easy set up a notification that welcomes your visitor or informs the visitor that you are offline. Email notifications for agents/operators: receive an email about an incoming chat when you leave the operators’ panel.


One time payment – no subscriptions! Free updates and our technical support available for six months