Basic Configuration

Live Chat Features

Wise Chat Live plugin’s core feature is a direct channel that connects your customer with your site’s operator. Each visitor is equipped with a private chat window shared with one of the operators. Here is the workflow:

  1. The visitor starts live chat session by providing username and optional details.
  2. The visitor sends a text or voice message.
  3. Wise Chat Live delivers the message to the proper operator. A random online operator is chosen. If there is no online operators then a random offline operator is picked.
  4. The operator receives the message and replies to it.
  5. The discussion continues.

Go to Wise Chat Pro Settings page and Live Chat section. Then please add live chat operators to the list. A chat operator is a WordPress user designated to handle incoming messages from visitors.

Then please create live chat page and put there the shortcode:


Live chat page will serve as an entry point to a visitor who tries to connect with an operator. The shortcode will output a chat window similar to this:

If you wish to output the chat on every page instead of creating a live chat page please add Wise Chat Live Chat widget to sidebar which is present on every page (e.g. Footer or Header). We recommend testing this in browser’s incognito mode. This will simulate a real visitor more closely.

Each chat operator can then monitor incoming messages by visiting Chat page. There is a Chat link in the top navigation bar.

In operator’s profile you may set a welcome text: