Data Privacy

Data Privacy in Wise Chat

This document describes what data is stored by Wise Chat plugin and how the data is managed.

Data storage

Wise Chat plugin uses the same database for data storage as WordPress instance it is installed in. No external data storage is used to preserve any part of Wise Chat data. Plugin’s data is created, updated and deleted using standard WordPress approach described in the WordPress Codex. Pictures and files posted by chat users are stored in the same file system as WordPress instance.

What data is stored exactly?

Here is the list of information stored by our plugin in the database:

  • chat configuration settings
  • chat messages (both public and private) together with their timestamps
  • names, IP addresses, ID of PHP sessions and last activity timestamps of users who posted messages or visited a channel
  • if geo-location is enabled: countries and cities of users who visited a channel (geo-location is based on IP address only and we use geoPlugin external service for this purpose)
  • if channel password protection is enabled: password for the channel, the password is stored in a hashed form and cannot be decrypted
  • if moderation is enabled: banned and kicked IP addresses

Here is the list of data stored by our plugin in the file system:

  • pictures and files posted by users
What is not stored?

Wise Chat stores only information mentioned above and for sure it does not store:

  • passwords neither to WordPress nor to social networks (Facebook, Google+ and Twitter)
  • credit or debit card numbers
  • postal addresses of its users

If the site is served over HTTPS then all messages sent to the chat are transferred using encrypted channel too.