Lead example of Wise Chat plugin for WordPress and BuddyPress.

Example Wise Chat
Loading the chat …

Try to:

  • post a regular link (either with or without leading “http://”)
  • post a link to an image (ended with image extension) – the image will be downloaded and displayed
  • post a picture using camera button
  • run the chat on a mobile device and post a picture using camera button
  • post PDF attachment
  • type messages longer than 400 characters – the limit is adjustable
  • post Twitter hashtag
  • change your default username via “Customize” panel
  • post an emoticon like : ) or : ]

It is also worth mentioning that:

  • all labels can be easily translated into any language
  • admin can block any user
  • there is a bad words filter in action
  • if an user uses a bad word four times then the user is automatically blocked
  • there is a flood control in action, which means that if an user posts over 200 messages in one minute then the user is automatically blocked
  • there is a filter configured which cuts out all typed e-mails (it is fully adjustable)
[wise-chat theme="airflow" show_users_counter="1" show_user_name="1" allow_post_links="1" allow_post_images="1" enable_images_uploader="1" enable_twitter_hashtags="1" show_message_submit_button="1" allow_change_user_name="1" window_title="Example Wise Chat" enable_attachments_uploader="1" messages_time_mode="elapsed" enable_youtube="1" allow_change_text_color="1"]