#10: Opening Hours / Days

Opening days and hours of the chat. This chat is open only on the following days: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It is possible to set opening hour as well, for example: 8AM – 4PM.
Chat opening days and hours
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[wise-chat channel="openinghours" theme="colddark" show_user_name="1" allow_post_links="1" allow_post_images="1" enable_images_uploader="1" enable_twitter_hashtags="1" show_message_submit_button="1" allow_change_user_name="1" emoticons_enabled="1" window_title="Chat opening days and hours" enable_youtube="1" allow_change_text_color="1" opening_days="{Friday,Saturday,Sunday}" enable_opening_control="1" message_error_5="The chat is open only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday"]