Creating your own channels -work in progress

Hello Wise Chat Pro fans,

you must have been curious about our development plans in Wise Chat Pro

Here we go with a little sneak peak into our current work. Starting your own channels is the function we are currently working on.

Here’s the list of available functionalities regarding this development:

  1. With just a little click on the icon, you’ll be able to create your channel.
  2. As a channel owner you decide yourself whether the channel is public or private.
  3. In the channel search box your visitors may find all channels available: both public and private.
  4. A public channel allows your users to join and use it with no limitations. On the contrary to this, to join a private channel the user needs to send a request to the channel owner. The channel owner decides whether the request is accepted or declined.
  5. The channel owner can add and delete chat users.

We designed this function to give you more opportunities and provide independency to your chat management. This is a truly engaging process for us to let this feature answear all needs you requested for. That is why we need a bit of your patience to let us refine this development.

We just can’t wait to have this pleasure to introduce the function to all of you. We are getting back to you as soon as we are ready

Click here for the list of currently available features of Wise Chat Pro. Remember you may always ask for a trial version of Wise Chat Pro before you buy the product.

Stay tuned,

Your Wise Chat Team