Does it run on my server or yours?

Wise Chat plugins run entirely on your server and use resources on your server only. There is no connection between Wise Chat and our servers. No data is transferred outside your site.Read More…


How to add the chat to all posts?

Please locate the root folder of your theme. It is usually in /wp-content/themes/THEMENAME and edit single post template file. In most cases it is single.php file, but it may differ depending onRead More…


Can Admin see all the chats?

Yes, Admin can see both private and public messages. They are available to download as CSV files in Channels tab of Wise Chat Pro settings page.


How to create a channel?

There is no need to create channels explicitly. All you have to do is the use the name of the channel directly in the shortcode:  The “My new chat room” channel willRead More…