New payment method – credit/debit card

Dear Wise Chat user,

Have you ever had a situation like the one below?

The good decision has been made. You are ready to buy Wise Chat Pro…or Live 🙂 You placed the right product in the cart, Then took your card out of your wallet and want to pay. And…it appears you need to have PayPal account first to move forward.
Is there any alternative for you?
YES! Today we enabled payment with credit and debit cards! Now you can buy Wise Chat also using comfortable payment method using various types of cards: Visa/Visa Debit, Master Card/Maestro or American Express.
Once you initiate payment by entering card details, your payment is done. After your purchase is proceeded, you immediately receive an e-mail with the right product.

As quickly as can be and as comfortable as it should be 🙂
Happy buying and using Wise Chat Pro,

Your Wise Chat Team