New release with bug fixes and… news reveal

Hello Wise Chat users,

Hope you’re enjoying time with Wise Chat

Meanwhile, we are here to inform you about a new release of Pro version that includes several bug fixes we’ve been working on recently. New version 3.1.1 is about to be released soon and will enrich Wise Chat Pro with fixes as follow:

* Fixed: auto-scroll when editing or deleting a message
* Fixed: disappearing chat when using @mentions
* Fixed: auto-minimize does not work with external authentication
* Fixed: disappearing chat when approving pending messages
* Fixed: edited message is not refreshed until page refresh
* Fixed: page scrolls to the top while selecting image or file attachment
* Fixed: missing the users list when the height of the chat is too small

We’re sure those fixes improve Wise Chat Pro performance…. But this is not the only good news we’ve got for you
Our development team is working hard on brand new functionality Have you already guessed what is it going to be?

Stay tuned and look forward to seeing what’s coming soon!

Your Wise Chat Team