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  • How to add the chat to all posts?

    Please locate the root folder of your theme. It is usually in /wp-content/themes/THEMENAME and edit single post template file. In most cases it is single.php file, but it may differ depending on theme. Add the following code inside the main loop: echo do_shortcode(‘ Chat Loading the chat … ‘); This will open “Post #ID channel”…

  • My messages are not visible until I refresh the page. What is going on?

    In order to get new messages the chat is requesting the following URL: https://yourdomain/wp-content/plugins/wise-chat-pro/src/endpoints It is very likely the URL is is forbidden in your setup (403 error). It may be caused by a security plugin or theme. A specific configuration of HTTP server (.htaccess file or server settings) may be the reason too. Please…

  • How do I display the chat on my entire site and not just one page?

    Please go to Appearance -> Widgets and add Wise Chat Window widget to the sidebar you wish to display the chat in. If the sidebar is visible on all pages then the chat will be too. Most likely menu and footer sidebars are visible across all pages.

  • Can Admin see all the chats?

    Yes, Admin can see both private and public messages. They are available to download as CSV files in Channels tab of Wise Chat Pro settings page.

  • What exactly is the browser? I found this in the chat’s configuration.

    Since Wise Chat Pro 3.0 we improved the users list by adding the channels there (if configured). Then we named the whole section the browser.

  • I just bought your plugin, but I did not get any download link.

    We always send the download link after a successful payment. Please check your Spam folder. It might have got there. If you use Gmail please also check Promotions folder. Sometimes Google marks our e-mails as promotions messages. If you still cannot find the download link please contact us.

  • Do you have a trial version of Wise Chat Pro?

    Yes, we do have a trial version of our chat plugin. You can easily ask us for a trial version here. For more details, visit our blog post. For quick testing, you can also try out our demos. Test them on different browsers and devices anytime. If you have any further questions concerning the plugin,…

  • I do not have PayPal. Can I pay by credit card?

    Yes, we support credit cards as well as debit card payments. In individual, rare situations when you can’t proceed your payment via card, we may offer another payment method – a bank transfer. However you need to contact us directly via our form: to check if it’s possible. We accept USD payments only. Please…

  • What about updates after 6 months?

    When you purchase the plugin you gain access to free updates for 6 months (or 12-18 – depending on option). Then you may either stay with the current version or buy a new license to get the newest version. We do have special prices for license renewals.

  • Is this a one-time payment?

    Yes, this is definitely a one-time payment. After purchasing the plugin you may use it as long as you want without paying any additional money. There are no recurring payments too.