Wise Chat free – look forward to great improvements

Hello Wise Chat users,

As you may have noticed, we mainly inform you about novelties in our Pro version, however a part of our team is constantly developing new things in another areas of our Wise Chat space. Here’s a preview of our development in Wise Chat – free version.

First of all we have reimplemented Wise Chat from the scratch to improve the quality and performance. Moreover, meanwhile we are delivering newly reimplemented version, we want to supply it with several functionalities. This will let you experience how you can advantage when you decide to upgrade to Pro version.

We are about to publish the new version with new features available. The update will include:

  1. New up-to-date set of emoticons
  2. Statuses online/offline for of all users
  3. Avatars support
  4. Deleting own messages
  5. Improved responsiveness – better support for mobile devices
  6. Emoticons visible while typing

We’ll come back to you with a new version ready to be downloaded within a week

Enjoy Wise Chat and take advantage of the high quality we are providing with our products 🙂

Your Wise Chat team