An exciting sneak peak – watch this!

Hello Wise Chat fans,

There’s something new on development roadmap to come. It looks like we’re coming close to shout out to you a game changing function for Wise Chat 🙂

Our team is developing a new vibrant function – a video chat. In terms of a channel of a conversation until now you could send text and voice messages. You can react to the message, respond to it using an emoticon or even a GIF animations. In addition to this, when the new function goes live, you’ll also be able to make video calls. By adding this new live experience your conversation will move to different dimension and brand new quality.

Sounds exciting? 🙂 We’re sure it does! We’re looking forward to introducing our new development soon. In the meantime, have a look at a full list of available functionalities for Wise Chat Pro You can browse it by clicking on the left side menu in the provided link.

Stay tuned!

Your Wise Chat Team



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