Reactions – here’s the news of the season 🙂

Hello Wise Chat users,

As we promised in the last blog post, our development team have been busy as a bee, preparing a new exciting functionality to Wise Chat Pro.

We always do our best for your requests to be answered and here’s the time to proudly announce the new functionality.

Reactions – the feature to empower your conversation with opinions and emotions. We wanted this function to target all the needs you may have across your business and community, this is why it’s designed to be widely and easily configurable.

The default settings provides three reactions that can be shared to the post:

You can choose one of them when you move the cursor over Like reaction button next to the post you want to react to. You can also easily remove or choose another reaction by repeating the same action. The system will visibly count all reactions given to the post.

To fit all your needs we invite you to configure your own reactions. When entering setting tab you can add or delete number of reactions, you can give them different names or you can also set your own icons to individual needs. This is what makes our development unique and lets you adjust the tool to your own purpose.

The function has already been released, so you can share your reactions right from now on.
Download the newest release and have pleasure to use reactions the way you like.

We’ll be delighted to hear from you if you enjoy our new feature

All the best,
Your Wise Chat Team