Stayin’ tuned? We’re introducing exciting GIF animations

Hello Wise Chat Pro users,

Have you ever heard of GIF animations attached to the chat? Of course you have! Expressing emotions and thoughts in a funny, vivid and quick way is a trending need of our communication nowadays. From now on GIF animated pictures can also liven up your Wise Chat conversations.

We’re about to enable the feature with the forthcoming release. You’ll be able to select an animation when you open up smilies popup. In the GIF section you’ll find animations divided into separate hashtags. You may scroll the content up and down, however, you may also use the search box and type any phrase you want. Engaging your community couldn’t be easier than this 🙂

Go ahead and try out this exciting feature. We’re sure you’ll find loads of animations that will make you laugh and enjoy the conversation even more.

For your comfort, we are also enabling GIF function with Wise Chat Live.

If you want to learn more about this new feature, go to Wise Chat Pro documentation.

For further questions, we’ll be happy to hearing from you.

All the best,

Your Wise Chat Team



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