New Wise Chat Pro feature for easy website building

Hello Wise Chat fans,

This is the time for all of you that enjoy solutions facilitating your professional life 🙂

If you have ever used website building tools you obviously do not need us to introduce you to Elementor. This well-known visual website editor is known for it’s simplicity. It lets you create your website content by adding and moving widgets from the Elementor’s Library.

Since we have published the latest Wise Chat Pro version, now you can also find a Wise Chat Pro widget in the Elementor’s library. As a result of this new integration – with no technical knowledge, you can simply add Wise Chat Pro at any place on your website.

Wise Chat Pro Elementor

To illustrate how to put this new functionality into practice we have published a short manual.

You can learn more about fast growing list of Wise Chat Pro features here. For any further questions and improvement ideas – reach our support team. We’re always glad to hear from you 🙂

Best wishes,

Your Wise Chat Team