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  • Data Privacy

    Data Privacy in Wise Chat Pro This document describes what data is stored by Wise Chat Pro plugin and how the data is managed. Data storage Wise Chat Pro plugin uses the same database for data storage as WordPress instance it is installed in. No external data storage is used to preserve any part of…

  • Changelog

    Changelog Here is the detailed changelog of Wise Chat Pro: Version 3.6 (July 14, 2024) Version 3.5.5 (December 29, 2023) Version 3.5.4 (December 5, 2023) Version 3.5.3 (October 14, 2023) Version 3.5.2 (September 17, 2023) Version 3.5.1 (August 23, 2023) Version 3.5 (August 18, 2023) Version 3.4.7 (June 26, 2023) Version 3.4.6 (May 23, 2023)…

  • Unistallation

    Uninstall Wise Chat Pro If you decide to uninstall Wise Chat Pro please go to “Plugins → Installed Plugins”. Then click “Deactivate” and then “Delete” below “Wise Chat” plugin.

  • Upgrade

    Wise Chat Pro update Update of Wise Chat Pro plugin is very easy and does not require any special knowledge. All you need is the write access to /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation. Then go through the following steps. This guide assumes that you have properly installed Wise Chat Pro plugin before and now…

  • Installation

    Wise Chat Pro installation Installation of Wise Chat Pro is very easy and does not require any special knowledge. All you need is the write access to /wp-content/plugins/ directory on your WordPress hosting. Then go through the following steps. Plugin Installation Steps Method 1: Block You can display Wise Chat Pro using a dedicated “Wise…

  • Requirements

    Minimal requirements Wise Chat Pro has the following minimal requirements: It is also recommended to install the following:

  • Features Overview

    Full features list Here is the full list of Wise Chat Pro features. Each of them may be configured or disabled allowing to adjust the chat to your needs: Do you want to know more about Wise Chat Pro? Ask a question. We would be happy to answer it.

  • Introduction

    Meet Wise Chat Pro Wise Chat Pro is the advanced chat solution for WordPress. It is available as WordPress plugin which can be installed easily without any special knowledge. The plugin requires no additional (or paid) server. Install it once and use as long as you want. The core features of the Wise Chat Pro:…