Appearance issues

Appearance issues

Sometimes you may encounter small or big issues with the visual appearance of Wise Chat Pro (see examples below). You have to understand that there is no physical possibility to fully adjust the style of any plugin to all existing WordPress themes. The nature of HTML and CSS technologies imposes restrictions on theoretically independent parts of software like WordPress plugins. There is always a risk that some code used in a theme or another plugin will badly influence the appearance or bahavior of Wise Chat Pro. We tested our plugin on all most popular WordPress themes, but it is impossible to test them all, especially that the other plugins may affect Wise Chat Pro as well. Below are some hints on how to deal with these kind of problem. In many cases a help from experienced Web/PHP developer may be crucial. Only an engineer can detect and fix complex issues with HTML structure and CSS styles.

Harmful HTML tags

It is known there are HTML tags that can totally destroy the interface of our plugin. These are:

  • <pre>
  • <code>

Here is an example of bad influences done by the tags:

Wise Chat issues

Make sure that [wise-chat] shortcode is not put inside one (or all) of these tags. If this is true then adjust either your theme or HTML source of your WordPress page and remove these tags.

Theme influences

Sometimes your theme may cause Wise Chat Pro to look bad. Like we wrote above, we can’t fully protect our plugin from harmful styles definition (or PHP code) implemented in themes. Try to switch to one of the standard WordPress themes like “Twenty Fifteen” or “Twenty Sixteen”. If suddenly Wise Chat Pro looks just like on those demos on our website then here is a clear answer where the problem lies. Your theme is doing this. You have to ask your engineer or theme’s authors to detect and eliminate the code that is influencing plugins, especially Wise Chat Pro.

Plugins influences

It is also possible that other plugins you are using within your WordPress setup are affecting the appearance of Wise Chat Pro. This is a similar case to the previous. We suggest to gradually deactivate plugins and at the same time checking if Wise Chat Pro still does not look good. If you deactivated a plugin and Wise Chat Pro began to look perfect then this indicates that the deactivated plugin was causing problems. Again you can ask plugin’s authors or your engineer to investigate and fix the problem.