BuddyPress Friends Integration

Wise Chat Pro and BuddyPress friends integration.

BuddyPress is a plugin for building social networks based on WordPress. Aside from its core features like news feed, profiles, groups, friends there is usually a need for some kind of real-time communication service. Wise Chat Pro integrates with BuddyPress friends facility. It allows to have private 1-on-1 conversations with users belonging to the friends list.

How to enable BuddyPress friends integration?

1. Log in as administrator and go to Settings -> BuddyPress. Enable Friends Connections in the settings:


Add some friends to your list for testing purposes.

2. Enable BuddyPress integration features in Wise Chat Pro General settings:

Enable BuddyPress options in Wise Chat Pro

3. Enable private messaging in Wise Chat Pro. Please check the tutorial here.

Additionally, please enable the following option in the chat’s Appearance settings:

– Enable Offline Users – in order to send messages to friends who are not online at the moment
– BuddyPress Friends Only – in order to turn the users list into BuddyPress friends list

4. [Optional] You may additionally wish to disable public channels in order to let user concentrate on private chats only. In order to do that please go to Chat Modes sections of the configuration and enable “Disable Public Channels” option depending on the mode you run your chat on (either the classic or FB-like).

Disable public channel

5. [Optional] Enable FB mode in Wise Chat Pro General settings. You may want to switch the chat to sidebar mode.

6. From now friends integration in Wise Chat Pro is fully configured. When you open the chat you will see BuddyPress friends in the users list.