HTML Shortcodes

Adding HTML to the interface

Various parts of Wise Chat Pro interface may be enhanced using HTML. It is useful when you wish to add a link or an additional image directly inside the chat’s window. HTML tags can be added using shortcodes you will find below. You cannot add HTML code directly because it will not be recognized. Please note that this works only in selective places mentioned on Wise Chat Pro Settings page. Please follow the syntax of each shortcode closely. These are full examples which means that there are no additional attributes.


Here is an example of a link which is then converted into a regular <a> tag:

[link src="" name="Kainex site"]

Here is how you can add an image (<img> tag):

[img src=""]

You may want to add a class name:

[img src="" className="my-link"]

Here is a <span> example:

[span className="my-span" content="Test content"]