Wise Chat Pro installation

Installation of Wise Chat Pro is very easy and does not require any special knowledge. All you need is the write access to /wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation. Then go through the following steps.

Pre-Installation Notice

If you are using free version of the Wise Chat (installed from wordpress.org plugins repository) you must remove it and delete because Wise Chat Pro completely replaces free Wise Chat and cannot be used together. In order to delete Wise Chat free version go to “Plugins → Installed Plugins”. Then click “Deactivate” and then “Delete” below “Wise Chat” plugin. Now you are ready to install Wise Chat Pro.

Installation Steps
  1. Upload the entire wise-chat-pro folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Place a shortcode [wise-chat] in your posts or pages. See below for additional details.
  4. Alternatively install it in your templates using <?php if (function_exists('wise_chat')) { wise_chat(); } ?> code.
  5. Alternatively install it using a widget in “Appearance → Widgets”, it’s called Wise Chat Window. See below for additional details.
Post Installation Notices
  • Go to “Settings → Wise Chat Pro Settings” page and adjust all the settings according to your needs.
  • Go to “Settings → Wise Chat Pro Settings” page, select Localization tab and translate all the messages into your own language.
  • Posting pictures from camera / local storage is limited to the specific range of Web browsers: IE 10+, Firefox 31+, Chrome 31+, Safari 7+, Opera 27+, iOS Safari 7.1+, Android Browser 4.1+, Chrome For Android 41+.
Widget Installation

You can install Wise Chat Pro using a widget. Go to “Appearance → Widgets” and add Wise Chat Window widget to one of the sidebars. In the widget’s settings you can specify:

  • Channel: It is a name of the channel to open in the chat window. Channel will be created on first use.
  • Shortcode options: It is a space-separated list of options that configure Wise Chat. All shortcode attributes could be used here, type for example theme=”colddark” show_users=”0″ in order to choose Cold Dark theme and disable list of users.
Shortcode Installation

You can install Wise Chat Pro using a shortcode. In the basic form it is:


It will open chat window on the default channel called “global”. If you would like to open the chat on custom channel called “My Room” try this:

[wise-chat channel="My Room"]

The shortcode can be configured with the list of attributes, for example – in order to enable Cold Dark theme and to show list of users you can type:

[wise-chat theme="colddark" show_users="1"]

Almost all settings available on plugin’s settings page are also available in shortcode.

See all shortcode options