Various parts of Wise Chat Pro front-end interface can be customized using templates. Each template is converted to plain HTML and displayed to end user. You can enrich templates with dynamic variables that are replaced by real content during rendering of the interface. A list of available variables depends on context. For example – private chat intro text may be adjusted with variables: {role}, {name}. This template:

My name is {name}. My role is {role}.

is then displayed as:

My name is John. My role is Editor.

Please find the list of dynamic variables in the settings section of a particular feature on Wise Chat Pro Settings page.

Links and images

A template is not HTML and regular HTML tags are not allowed here. However, there is a way to insert links, images and spans. Please use the shortcodes:

[link src="https://kainex.pl/logo_kainex.png" name="Kainex Logo image"]
[img src="https://kainex.pl/logo_kainex.png" className="my-link"]
[span className="my-span" content="Test content"]

Each attribute of a shortcode is required. You can also mix the shortcode with dynamic variables:

[img src="{avatar-src}" className="wcAvatar"]