Can I ask for a refund?

We would consider a refund if we get a clear proof that you are having issues in our plugin. Right before you purchased Wise Chat Pro, you accepted the fact that we issue refunds only if you prove an error in the plugin. There is a checkbox in the order form on our site that says:

“I accept that I can ask for a refund only if I report and prove an issue in the plugin. In any other cases no refunds are accepted.”

The acceptance of this rule is neccesary to proceed with the order. We always assume that our customers are fully aware of all available features of our product before buying it.

Justification: In accordance with European Union law, once you download your digital product, the refund cannot be accepted.

We do care of the highest quality of our products. However if you faced a technical issue with our plugin, please report it immediately to our support team. Please add the description and direct link to the chat affected by the issue. Our technical support will investigate the error.

Once we confirm the error and you are not interested with waiting for a fix, we will proceed with refund immediately.