Frequently Asked Questions

Common issues

  1. My messages are not visible until I refresh the page. What is going on?
  2. When I try to activate the plugin I get fatal error: Cannot redeclare wise_chat_after_setup_theme_action()
  3. Auto-scrolling does not work. How to fix it?
  4. How to fix “No channels open” message?
  5. I have iThemes Security plugin and Wise Chat Pro stopped working. How to fix it?

Licenses and payments

  1. Is this a one-time payment?
  2. What about updates after 6 months?
  3. I do not have PayPal. Can I pay by credit card?
  4. Do you have a trial version of Wise Chat Pro?
  5. I just bought your plugin, but I did not get any download link.


  1. How to create a channel?
  2. How to set the open/closed hours of different chat channels individually?
  3. What exactly is the browser? I found this in the chat’s configuration.
  4. Can Admin see all the chats?
  5. How do I display the chat on my entire site and not just one page?
  6. How to add the chat to all posts?
  7. How to specify an exclusive list of users who have access to the chat?
  8. How to send a message in PHP?
  9. Does it run on my server or yours?
  10. How to adjust the look and feel to match my theme?